Creators who qualify for the position of artistic developer are at a point in their career where introspection is necessary to move forward. These makers are not yet mid-career, but certainly not inexperienced either: they have been working for a number of years, have played a lot and worked on various assignments. It is important for them to reflect on themselves at this point, to take stock and to investigate how they will develop further.

In existing development processes there is often no room for this phase, because they usually start with the plan for production. Even though the emphasis is on the process; the subsidy funds are still justified on the basis of presentations and related public outreach and income. We believe in the importance of a process that is free from performance pressure. Intro makes room for this by offering selected makers an appointment as artistic developer.




City Composer of Heerlen
Intro in Situ has selected a city composer for the city of Heerlen for the period June 2024 to December 2025. Angela de Weijer will explore all areas and neighborhoods of the Municipality of Heerlen for a year and a half, discover its history, meet its people and, based on her discoveries, perform compositions.

Miss Milivolt
Angela de Weijer, also known as Miss Milivolt, is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and DJ from Eindhoven. She worked as a city composer of Meierijstad (2020 - 2022) and plays synthesizer in the experimental ambient-drone collective Drone Assembly.

Listening and thinking differently about the world as we know it is central to De Weijer's work. The starting point for these artistic research projects is often a question or observation, but it can also start with a thought experiment or pun. Angela researches major subjects and has already composed for air raid sirens and monumental Brabant church organs. She also has an ear for the small: conceptual sound or sound left behind in time.

De Weijer likes to question the order of things and wants to bring about a certain change in perspective. Because she knows how to think out-of-the-box, seeks out the raw edges and wants to push boundaries, Angela is the ideal person to create compositions for Heerlen. In 2016 she launched the idea for Collective Signal, with the aim of creating a swan song for the entire Dutch warning system of 4,300 air raid sirens.