Triana y Luca

Startende Maker 2021 

Name: Triana y Luca
Date of Birth: 1998, 1998
Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada (Triana); Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Luca)

Influenced by traditional music from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, Triana y Luca perform to express an intimate encounter between folklore and storytelling. . Their compositions build upon myths, fables, and sounds from different cultures from Mexico, Spain, and Brazil. Inspired by Sefardi, al-Andaluz, and Indigenous music, Triana y Luca always play to tell a story. The duo is made up of Triana Segovia (Mexican/Canada/Spanish) who is a multidimensional visual artist, poet, and vocalist, and Luca Vaillancourt (Luxembourg/Spain); composer and student at the Jazz Conservatory in Maastricht and lover of bossa nova and contemporary jazz. Bringing a new perspective to popular music and cultural legends, their sound reflects a deep exploration of ancient knowledge, nature, sorrow, and love.

What are you currently working on? 

“ Writing this, we are currently in Spain enjoying Kings Day with our family. In between the family dinners and festivities, we are primarily working towards researching and composing. We have a few songs which are "almost ready" (which means still more work to do, as always!), some "in process" and some which are mere outlines or ideas which have yet to take form. Luckily, the andalucían sun and delicious Spanish food is giving us the energy we need to work our creative flows; which means the next steps will be to work towards organizing the performance events, collaborations, video, and recordings. In addition to this, we admit we are also learning A LOT about the business side of running an ambitious music project.... we have been having lots of meetings with possible collaborators, marketing strategy meetings, and applying to different events and grants as well; all of which are new to us, slightly draining, but also hopefully opening doors for the future!”

What will you be focussing on during your period at Intro?

“We will be using our residency with Intro primarily to create and produce our debut EP. To do this, we are embarking on an artistic research journey using collaboration with other artists, academic and qualitative research, and performance. Our goal is to create a cohesive collection of songs which embody an investigation of our hertiage and cultures. Both coming from diasporic backgrounds, our music is built upon interpreting the popular music of the cultures which we did not necessarily grow up with but that we still consider ours. In this sense, we hope our work encourages others, particularly young people of our generation, to look into their traditions. In addition to recording our debut EP, we will be directing our own visual EP. We have big dreams for this, and hope to go further than a music video but mix film, music, poetry, and theatre into a video.”