Pascal Burbach

Startende Maker 2021 

Pascal Burbach (Germany, 1994) is a drummer, percussionist and composer living in Cologne. He graduated from Conservatorium Maastricht (Bachelor - Jazz Drums) in 2021 and is currently doing his Master Jazz&Pop at the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Arnhem. Stylistically, somewhere between Jazz and Contemporary Music, he´s currently researching different and more open forms of improvisation and the possibilities like different lineups and instruments, combined with visuals and other art disciplines. Climate and environmental protection, such as nature in general, are the cores of inspiration in his work. He incorporates those in his musical story to be thought-provoking and inspiring towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

What will you be focussing on during your period at Intro?

“Putting my research and ideas into practical use, with the goal of a performance in mind, which gives the whole process of creating more drive and direction. Usually, I start composing from the piano (even though my skills there are relatively limited), making a scratch from the piece, putting it more and more together and at last, putting it into a music notation software where it's easier to alter and improve sheets.

In the process of ‘finishing’ the piece - whatever that means, probably that you decide that for now it's done - it's essential to keep working on it with other musicians and try out stuff to get new input and new angles towards what seems to be the same. That's also what keeps playing the same songs interesting - especially in a more improvised fashion; constant change and personal growth shape the outcome always differently.”