Marthe Koning

Startende Maker 2021 

Picture by Juri Hiench

Name: Marthe Koning
Year of Birth: 1996
Place of Birth: Dordrecht, Netherlands

Recently graduated at the Institute of Performative Arts, Maastricht as performer Marthe’s work is characterized as associative and ritualistic compositions. Her body plays a major role in making musicality tangible. She arrangse and rearranges music and language in relation to movement: a visible spectacle on a musical ground.

What are you currently working on?

“Currently I am working on Rebuilding A Voice. This is a production of King Sisters, a collective I form with my sisters Joske en Annelie Koning. It will premiere in March at Festival Cement, Den Bosch. Next to that I am part of NKK NXT; the talent development program of The Netherlands Chamber-Choir.” 

What will you be focussing on during your period at Intro?

“At Intro I will work on giving a place to improvisation in my performances. Musical as physical improvisation are a big part of my working-method. I want to discover ways to integrate these moments of the unexpected in my live performances. I will work from the idea of being drowned out. What ways of communicating are there when you can not make yourself audible?