Katharina Pfeifer

Startende Maker 2021 

Picture by Frank Hirschhausen

Name: Katharina Pfeifer
Year of Birth: 1997
Place of Birth: Oldenburg, Germany

Katharina Pfeifer is a german tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, flutist and composer. She finished her Jazz Bachelor at Conservatorium Maastricht in June 2021. In the age of 16 she started to play the alto saxophone and changed to tenor after a year because she fell in love with the warm and big sound of Sonny Rollins. She has a classical backround in piano and clarinet and started during her study program to learn the flute. She formed her own projects during her conservatory time and had the opportunity to play with other formations on well-known festivals like the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2019. Currently Katharina Pfeifer is living in Cologne and is preparing for the master program at the HfMT.

What are you currently working on?

“A while ago I moved to Cologne because I want to study my masters at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln‘ so I am taking lessons from teachers at the HfMT and prepare for the entrance exams. Practicing and writing music help me not to go crazy during these difficult times. I am preparing music for upcoming concerts or work on this project for example which motivates me a lot. Right now it is a lot of planning and thinking about the general concept so basically a lot of experimenting too.“

What will you be focussing on during your period at Intro?

“In the end of my studies and especially during the lockdown I was thinking about a new project. It is about creating more electronical music but combine it with acoustic instruments such as saxophone, drums, double bass etc. There are some musicians I always wanted to work with and this project is a great oppertunity to work with these different featured artists. It will be a longer process so I hope we can develop together and work on something bigger. The idea is to work in different setups like some duo collabs or bigger combos like quintet or sextet.”