Goya van der Heyden

Startende Maker 2021 

Name: Goya van der Heyden 

What would you like to develop, what will you make with us
and where do you ultimately work towards within this process?

At the moment I am developing a work based on the sounds and rituals in the kitchen. For now, the plan only exists in my head and loose sheets of paper, but the idea is to make an installation that combines audio and perhaps performance. One of the starting points is the use of sound and music in everyday life, in situations where monotonous actions are performed, such as in the kitchen. Peel potatoes, said the kitchen maid. The kettle glows and whistles. Washing dishes with the radio on. A broom sweeps the mess from the floor. The timer goes off.

In addition, I would like to find a little more certainty in myself as a maker, and to combine the kind of plans I had for corona with the insights and developments of last year. I would like to spend more time on theoretical reflection and experimentation, and want to look for the materials and attributes that match my artistic imagery.