SAT 09/12 * AINSI



Café open 19:30
Concert 20:30

Moving Strings is a platform for the research of sound and movement, in creative as well as educational context, working together since 2018. We are a non-hierarchical creative performing ensemble, we create our own work and perform it in theaters, alternative spaces and site-specific settings, and collaborate with musicians, choreographers and artists; We hold regular research sessions, workshops and creative laboratories and teach in non/academic institutes.

Pulse by Alex Welch is a score that explores how a musical pulse is created, how it is absorbed into the body and moves in space. A changing pattern creates a shared feeling, among both players and audience. There is propulsion and silence, ebb and flow. Sounds move and movement sounds, as both players and audience are immersed in a constantly transforming texture.

A wave will come by Irene Sorozábal is a piece about a dream.

A dream about a prophecy, about a community living under the earth, about their first encounter with the sea.

There will be a wave/we will fade into oblivion/for a while
There will be a wave/we will float unconscious/for a while

A wave will come is not about the things that happened in the dream, but about what this dream felt like.

Sorozábal's research Reflex Voice is an approach to expression in song that explores the connection between emotions and voice. She based her explorations on embodied emotion, a way of experiencing an emotion by identifying its physical characteristics. Her main sources of inspiration were two theater practices: Historical Acting and Navarasas from the Indian performing arts.

Ensemble members:
Maya Felixbrot, Alex Welch, Noortje Kohne - viola
Geerte de Koe - violin
Shana Brown - violin
Jonathan Nagel - double-bass
Camille Verhaak - clarinet
Irene Sorozabal - voice and recorders
Aina Font - saxophone
Manuela Tessi - choreographer

Maelstrom by Manuela Lucia Tessi is a piece that arises from research into the spiral shape. The spiral is often found in nature because of its efficiency. At the same time it is also a beautiful structure. When form and function merge so elegantly, there is much to learn and share, which has a deep resonance. Conceptually and physically, spirals undermine hierarchy. Polarization between up/down, front/back, right/left is destabilized by the spiral shape. The spiral has the potential to gather and release force, to twist and unwind, to rise and fall, creating disorientation and momentum.

Trilogy: Stagnant Water, Gathering Fantasies, Round and Round by Maya Felixbrοt

1st chapter: Stagnant Water is water that no longer flows. This work borrows the concept from nature and applies it to human society, exploring ways to respond to and cope with restricted freedom of movement.

2nd Chapter: Gathering Fantasies appeared in a dream during the first Covid lockdown. The current version refers to the demonstrations that have taken place in Israel in recent months.

3rd Chapter: Round and Round explores the symbiotic relationship between humor and pain,  exhaustion and recovery; it's a test of how far you have to go to remember or forget.

Gathering Fantasies is made possible by support from AFK and Norma Fund.