Bruno Culotti

Startende Maker 2021 

Name: Bruno Culotti

What will you be focussing on during your period at Intro?

“After several months of thinking, I realized that as a classical music composer, my biggest disappointment is seeing few young people having a connection with classical music, and that is exactly what I would like to change. I have been working since my master thesis on the relationship of classica music and popular music styles, analysing the style of Avant Pop and looking at the work of composers like Jacob TV, Anna Meredith, FKA Twigs, and so on. Having the opportunity to work with Intro in Situ would allow me to take this concept to the next level. I believe that sharing and connecting with people from different music disciplines in the environment of a music laboratory, would allow me to identify and apply in my compositions key aspects in the development of a substyle inside classical music that can have a bigger reception among the contemporary society, and at the same time maintain th aesthetics that classical music tries to represent. I am confident that after the project is concluded Intro in Situ would also benefit from having represented a music composers project that tries to make classical music a more reachable music style and brings it closer to the rest of the music spectrum.”