ARTISTIEK ONTWIKKELAARRutger doet onderzoek naar de verbinding van muziek met architectuur, ruimtelijkheid en technologie:

Exorcism (Cultura Nova)

Music Game research

NOTES ︎︎︎

I made this illustration inspired by a chart I saw my teacher Rens Machielse draw in class, around 2010. It struck me that the technical essence of music could be so simple. It doesn’t only apply to the state of a composition, it also applies to the state of any instrument within the composition, see these examples:

  • Relaxed + Stable = a church choir singing a lengthy harmonic chord
  • Relaxed + Chaotic = a hectic jazz drum solo played with very soft brushes
  • Stressed + Stable = a demonic sounding organ chord droning on and on
  • Stressed + Chaotic = a fast death metal guitar solo at its climax

Can we translate such spectra into playful interfaces?


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