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Protokols is the result of a deeply personal search for new mysticism in music. For Muller, mysticism means tapping into the cathartic dark energy on the edge between anxiety and spirituality. Protokols superimposes the fricative sounds of 20th century classical music on the futuristic energy of techno and the tranquil and hypnotic sounds of ambient and dub. Also, influences from other club genres, like footwork, gabber and breakcore, linger under its surface.

Muller approached technology and club culture as a portal towards the ancient and organic essence of music, but he didn't want to take any shortcuts. In order to connect to music's spirituality, Muller felt he had to travel backwards from contemporary classical music (Scelsi, Feldman, Zorn), to baroque music (Bach, Dowland, Monteverdi), to tribal or folkloristic elements.

This work process brought him to the realisation that he needed to overcome the ‘uncanny valley’ effect (instruments that sound semi-unrealistic) in both the techno and classical elements of the album. Sample processing, granular synthesis and improvising with avant-gardistic classical musicians became a natural progression.

Muller developed a stronger sense of free association by working with improvisers Josephine Bode (recorders), Wen Chin Fu (cello) and Christian Tan (double bass). On the electronic side, Muller was drawn mostly towards influences from glitchy techno acts, as they too didn't emulate acoustic sounds (like cymbals), but in stead took a futuristic, super-synthetic approach. This lead to an idiosyncratic, electroacoustic contrast.


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It was one of the last conversations I would ever have with her. I sat on the edge of her bed. Watching the grey Octoberness coming in. We sat in silence; 2008 it was. “What if you can do it all over”, I asked, “what would you do differently? What do you regret?”
“I would have liked to do more of my own thing. My own ideas, my own needs” she murmured with a whispering voice in my ear. “Being naughtier”. And she was quiet again. In this devastating silence, it hit me. I’ve always known, but I’ve never acted to it... So that moment I decided to quit my job. To rent out my house and start over new. From scratch, without money, without a job, but... from now on I’m a musician.

While my career started, the connection with my dad faded. Slowly we slit into an impossible relationship in which we couldn’t understand each other anymore. Creating contradictions and confrontations.

How do you deal with someone else’s choices you don’t agree on. How do you support each other in a situation where no-one wants to be. How does loneliness confront you when all structures you know fall apart.

During those years I’ve written down my story in every way I could. I travelled, took photos, composed and wrote poems. Found and lost myself many times, but ten years later finally there was a change. My father and I started opening up again. It ended this story. My personal story. So here it is. Compassion Collides tells how life scours, pulls, pushes and flirts. Straight through the dark, looking for the source.

In loving memory of my mother, Justina van Kamp

Releases March 26, 2021


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Op 21 augustus 2020 brengt Intro in Situ een in lockdown geschreven compositie uit: Quara Morning, geschreven en gespeeld door negen componisten afkomstig uit uiteenlopende genres.

De basis van Quara Morning bestaat uit een field recording van Angela de Weijer op een ochtend in de eerste weken van de quarantaine. In isolement werkten na Angela achtereenvolgens Chantal Acda, Orkun Agir, Julian Edwardes, Daniel van Loenen (Oliver Verse), Reggy van Bakel, Aart Strootman, Patrick Housen en Evelien van den Broek afzonderlijk van elkaar aan deze bijzondere compositie. De begeleiding van het proces, de coördinatie en de tussenmixen werden gedaan door Tom Swart; de (re)mix was in handen van Rutger Muller en het artwork werd gemaakt door Hendrik Simons.

Intro in Situ staat voor creatie en ontwikkeling van muziek. Direct na het ingaan van de lockdown ontstonden er allerlei initiatieven voor uitvoerenden in de muziek, maar niet zozeer voor makers en componisten. Componisten ondervinden momenteel veel nadeel van de coronacrisis. Intro in Situ vreest dat de werkelijke consequenties van de lockdown, zoals uitgestelde uitvoeringen en het uitblijven van nieuwe compositieopdrachten, pas later echt naar de oppervlakte zullen komen.

Om de stilte voor te zijn, om componisten in deze tijd te steunen, maar vooral ook om het plezier van samen muziek te maken zonder dat we bij elkaar mogen zijn, te beleven en te delen, vroeg Intro in Situ aan negen van haar componisten om een ‘virale compositie’ te maken. Het resultaat is Quara Morning: een prachtig, tien minuten durend stuk, en een unieke samenwerking tussen deze makers.

Quara Morning is de eerste uitgave van ons gloednieuwe label intro in situ records.


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