Muziekhuis aan de Maas

As of September 1, 2021, music production house Intro in Situ has moved into the theater hall and foyer of the AINSI. Theater aan het Vrijthof will leave this location, Intro in Situ will inhabit this beautiful place. The space that has been developed by Theater aan het Vrijthof over the past 15 years will be used as a concert hall, meeting place and laboratory for new music. Intro is developing a plan for sustainable exploitation with the support of the Municipality of Maastricht and will present it at the end of 2022. As we show the processes of our creators, we will also document and share this process as much as possible.

AINSI is a beautiful industrial building, classified as a national monument, on the banks of the Meuse. The ENCI cement factory was housed here for almost a hundred years, before the building gradually underwent a transformation in 2010 into AINSI: Art-Industry-Nature-Society-Innovation. Since then it has been a gathering place for the creative industry.

Intro establishes the sound workshop and a stage here and realizes a meeting place for makers, audiences, institutions, disciplines and facilitators from different backgrounds. It is a music house along the Maas. In addition to being a space where we make and present our music productions, AINSI will also become the place for the development and presentation of dance, theatre, visual arts, product design, technology, ecology and above all amalgamations of these. We can teach, work, present, experiment as well as organize graduation festivals, try-outs, social experiments and exhibitions. We make calls for residencies ourselves and we contribute to talent development for all genres, by making our facilities available and sharing our knowledge and experience through coaching.