At Intro, the makers and composers form the artistic core. Our 'artistic developers' create music productions, scout and mentor talent, and research domains outside of music, such as visual arts, technology and architecture, or experiment with new connections between musical domains, such as urban and metal. From 2020 they are jointly responsible for Intro in Situ's artistic course. This makes Intro a unique development platform for contemporary music and sound art for, but especially by makers.

Intro is convinced that in order to flourish, a maker must be given space in the broadest sense: artistically, mentally, financially and physically. The creative process is not a matter of sudden, brilliant ideas, but the result of hard and disciplined work. A permanent workplace is just as important as the opportunity to create in peace and time, without the financial need that drives actual creation to the margins of the day or week, so that this work has to be done in the scarce free time.

Intro offers artists a place where they can work undisturbed, under good conditions and with the right instruments, where they can concentrate and isolate, but where they can also seek out 'colleagues' for inspiration and feedback. A place where they can develop freely and where the 'office' (the organization) maintains a connection with what is happening in the workplace, so that they can always count on thorough guidance.